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blood pressure cuff around woman's arm, nurse measuring blood pressure


A partnership of Lifesprk and North Memorial Health


Caring for You at Home

North Memorial Health and Lifesprk are partnering to offer an innovative option for preventing and shortening your hospital stays, ensuring you can return home as quickly and safely as possible.

This service shifts your care from the hospital or Emergency Department to home to ensure the highest level of care for your diagnosis. It combines Lifesprk’s whole person senior services with North Memorial Health’s full continuum of services to create a high level experience for you and your family in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Our goal is your goal – to recover and empower you to be as independent and healthy as possible.

Learn more: Download the Hospital@Home overview here.


Responding To Community Needs and Improving Your Experience



How it Makes a Difference for You

  • Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 8.34.10 AMProvides resource-rich acute care 24/7 at home.
  • Reduces your risk of hospital-acquired infection and social isolation, especially for older adults.
  • Improves your and your family’s satisfaction and connectedness.
  • Connects you to any resource such as grocery or pharmacy delivery.
  • Provides care and guidance that focuses on your personal life goals.
  • Coordinates and communicates your care and services among other providers and your family.
  • Integrates other services as appropriate from the Lifesprk and North Memorial Health network, including home health and therapy.
  • Enables you to return to the hospital as needed or requested.


Connecting with You Every Day 

Lifesprk tablet artworkLifesprk's Telepak in-home monitoring kit includes a tablet that’s connected to the Internet, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, and scale. This allows Lifesprk doctors and nurses to monitor vital signs (biometrics) and track your condition even while you are at home. You and your family members can easily share important health information with your Lifesprk providers and connect directly to your care team through video visits on the Lifesprk tablet, just like having the care team in your home. Lifesprk allows you to use this system free-of-charge during your Hospital@Home stay and can send someone to your home to set it up!

Learn More:
Phone: 952-345-3213
Fax: 844-593-1082
Email: lifesprkhealth@lifesprk.com